Surgical sites could get very messy especially due to the accumulation of blood and fluid. Health care practitioners may face clogging issues that could create a disturbance or halt the surgical procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the area before performing surgery. Oral procedures, intra-abdominal sites, and neurosurgical sites are required to be cleared and there is specific kind of medical instruments needed for that purpose.

To remove any kind of accumulated material during surgeries, medical experts make great use of different suction tubes. Different varieties of these tubes are required that are selected based on the specific condition. Plenty of variations are available to handle various situations as it is not possible to cater to all the conditions with one tool.

Yankauer suction tubes have widely used as throat and mouth suction devices that hold prime importance for cleaning intra-abdominal surgical sites and surface wounds.

Yankauer suction tubes were developed by Dr. Sidney Yankauer in 1907 while he performed a tonsillectomy procedure. This tool has become a core need of many surgical procedures in the medical industry to date. This tool helps patients not to face any aspiration issues by allowing the suction of oropharyngeal secretions.

How to use the Yankauer suction tube

Before proceeding with any surgical procedure and using Yankauer suction tubes, the operating site must be fluid-free and clean for an effective and efficient treatment. This also helps in preventing clogging of the sites. Yankauer suction tubes help clear the airways and remove any debris from the operating sites.

The tip of the Yankauer suction tube is attached to the coupling end of the medical tube while using the device which can also be done with the assistance of a connector. The tip forcefully removes all the occluding material. After the material is removed, the suction of the cutting site returns to normal as negative pressure is re-applied from the suction source by the surgeons. Yankauer suction tube and its important variations

There are several variations available for Ynakauer suction tubes that are used based on certain medical procedure requirements. Let’s discuss a few crucial variations of Yankauer suction tubes and how we can use them.

Yankauer Suction Tube 18 Fr. Child Size

As the name suggests, this Ynakeur suction tube is specifically made for children to suction oropharyngeal and intra-abdominal secretions. This instrument is great for surface suction. Also, the small size of 18 Fr. Makes it ideal to be used for extracting purposes without damaging the nearby structures.

Yankauer Suction Tube Replacement Tip Only

This instrument is immensely used during oral suctioning procedures. The tips come with suction tubes and have multiple variations. This tool is chrome plated and is made up of high-quality German stainless steel that can be reused after sterilization. Yankauer tip is a great tool to be used during medical and dental procedures as they clear the airway and prevent aspiration.

It is a kind of atraumatic instrument. It has a bulbous head that prevents damage to the nearby structures and makes the suctioning more effective. The suction tip can be removed easily and can be replaced with another one when needed.

Yankauer Suction Tube 20 Fr Standard Size

This standard-sized Yankauer suction tube is widely used during oral procedures that aid in clearing the airway and also helps to suction the blood and secretions from surgical sites. This suction tube is also helpful in intra-abdominal suction and surface suction. The bulbous head comprises a tip that has a large opening. The atraumatic structure of this amazing tool prevents the surrounding area of the surgical site from getting damaged.

Moreover, this tool is very handy when it comes to clearing the operative sites. This tool is made up of high-quality German stainless steel that is available in multiple variations to cater to different surgical needs. This instrument is chrome plated which enhances the longevity, durability, and hardness of this tool.

Yankauer Suction Tube With Swivel Cut-off Valve

Surgeons use a Yankauer suction tube with a swivel cut-off valve to adjust the valve and control the air in the suction tubes. This instrument maintains ample suction pressure and holds prime importance for intra-abdominal and oral suction procedures to clean fluids, debris, and blood.

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Can Yankauer suction tubes be re-used?

Yes, Yankauer suction tubes are chromium-plated and made with good quality German stainless steel that can be reused after sterilization.

Is there any benefit of a swivel cut of valves for suctions using the Yankauer tube?

Surgeons can control the air pressure while using the Yankauer suction tubes. Surgeons adjust the valve to maintain the suction pressure according to their requirements.

Is there any best Yankauer suction tube for adults?

Yankauer suction tube 20 Fr standard size is the best fit for clearing the surgical sites from fluids, blood, and other secretions in adults.

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