A scissor comprises two blades connected at a point called a pivot that shears the material with the help of the sharp edges that slide against each other. Micro scissors are frequently called spring scissors or Vannas and are used in enormous medical procedures. These fine tip scissors are ideally used by surgeons in all types of neurosurgical and ophthalmologic procedures. They work well in small, complicated, and restricted spaces. Some of the major characteristics of Vannas scissors are discussed below:


  • Ideal for microscopic dissection
  • Effective and efficient cutting blade
  • Premium quality stainless steel
  • Three tip styles: angled, curved, straight
  • High degree precision

Straight or curved tip

Vannas scissor is available in different variations in terms of the shape of blade tips that can be angled, straight or curved. The use of straight tips is ideal for any kind of incision whereas curved tip Vannas is preferable when you don’t want to cut the underlying tissue. However, a better visual of the operating site is provided by the curved blade.

Ambidextrous use

There are numerous steps in ophthalmological and neurosurgical procedures that require special attention to detail and intricate incision of the tissues. In such situations, Vannas scissors come into great use. These are also admired because of their ambidextrous use as they are ideal for right and left-hand use.

Less damage to the tissues

These are one of the smallest kinds of scissors available on the market and are ideally used for microscopic dissection. The blades are highly sharp, fine, and small which allows surgeons to make accurate and quick cuts with minimal tissue damage.

Choosing the right tip-length scissors

One should acknowledge that the tip length of the scissor should be parallel with the incision depth while they are selecting a pair of scissors. Longer tips are generally preferred for deeper cuts whereas shorter tip length scissors go well with shallow cuts.

Wrap up

Vannas scissors are used ideally for delicate procedures such as cutting walls of vessels and tissues during surgery. We at Acheron instruments provide you with highly efficient instruments that are remarkable in terms of efficacy and effectiveness. We have a wide range of Vannas scissors that are crafted with highly précised blades and premium quality stainless steel.

We have a professional staff that does not compromise on quality and goes through several adjustment phases that assure optimal performance.

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