Debakey forceps are widely used for thoracic and cardiovascular surgeries for manipulating and holding tissues. They are excellent atraumatic surgical instruments that are used majorly for cardiovascular procedures. They are available in different lengths and designs that can assist in multiple surgeries. They play a vital role in small spaces for handling and accessing arduous tissues where fingers are difficult to reach.


This instrument is a tweezer-like tool that is extensively used by surgeons. DeBakey forceps comprise of a pair of tapered jaws with 1 x 2 serrations to ensure a firm grip. Both angled and straight working end patterns are available for this tool which can be chosen by surgeons according to their surgical requirements. Consequently, this device assists surgeons to conform to the anatomy of various narrower cavities.

The flat design of this surgical instrument features a spring action handle. Moreover, transverse ridges are present on the outer surfaces of the handle which provides maximum comfort during surgery and prevents accidental damage. Different variations are available for this tool with jaw sizes measuring around 1.0 mm to 3.5 mm to suit multiple surgical scenarios.


  • Debakey tissue forceps are greatly used to grasp tissues during vascular surgical procedures without causing any damage during manipulation.
  • They comprise coarsely ribbed handles instead of finely ribbed handles that are present in the majority of other forceps
  • Debakey forceps come in straight and curved variations
  • The ridged grip and narrow tips give security and comfort to the user
  • They are made up of medical grade 100% stainless steel material and are available in different variations to assist in various surgical procedures
  • Different sizes range from 6” to 8” with the size of the tip ranging from 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm


Debakey forceps are made up of medical-grade stainless steel material that makes these instruments corrosion-resistant, rust-free, and robust. They can be easily sterilized and have great durability.

Final words

Debakey forceps are crucial for the majority of surgical procedures. They not only assist surgeons in performing surgeries successfully but also makes the procedure fatigue-free due to their useful nature.

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